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SBOBET Live Draw

SBOBET LIVE Draw, a new online gambling service from the SBOBET website, which LIVE draw will play similar to the Ping-Pong lottery for 24 hours a day. So, you can bet the online Ping Pong lottery at any time.

LIVE DRAW SBOBET awards will be announced every 1 hour, using a spherical ball object like the government lottery in announcing the prize, but the difference is that you can reach it every day. While the government lottery or the underground lottery that has to wait for the 1st and 16th of the month, where LIVE Draw SBOBET has a prediction method or place a bet is that the player chooses to predict the result from 2 numbers up to 4 numbers which the betting options will have the following details.

To bet on SBOBET LIVE Draw


Reach the SBOBET LIVE Draw page to log in

If any of you have never registered for a membership with us, you can apply for membership at UFABET membership. After you apply for membership with us, you will receive your Username and Password to log in. To access the SBOBET LIVE Draw, then go to the SBOBET website, which can be accessed through the link of the access that we have provided. When entering the SBOBET web page, please enter your Username and Password that you have entered in the fields in the upper right corner and click to log in.

Select Menu Live Draw

Select the category to connect o the LIVE Draw page

After logging in to SBOBET system, select a language. When you have successfully entered, select Live Draw menu to go to the main SBOBET live draw betting page.

Menu in Live Draw SBOBET

Menu Live Draw SBOBET

  1. When the bet is open, the LIVE Draw will allow you to place bets for 1 hour per round.
  2. Live the results page, when the award is drawn.
  3. Betting section, there will be up to 6 formats to choose from.
  4. On the bet details page, after selecting the desired numbers and pressing the add button, all various details will be shown in this box.
  5. Betting display options
  6. The box shows the type of bet. Selected numbers, type, price, and total price