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MAXBET Online Slots

Maxbet online slot is another very popular online game service that is available on the web and has a lot of people pay attention to it. It also has a very easy way to play, which is necessary to know about how to play first, because slot games will not be the same as other forms of betting. It has a unique playing style but will not be complicated. Just so you know, it has good and high returns. In this article, we will teach you about how to play online slots for the old and new gamblers to understand in order to be a way of playing for everyone with details and how to play as follows.

To bet on Maxbet online slots

Login Maxbet

Enter the Maxbet website and log in

The first step is to access the Maxbet main website, which the entrance link can be viewed from Maxbet, we have compiled an entrance for you. Then log in to the Maxbet system to enter the betting page. For those who are not yet a member with us, you can press register for membership at MAXBET.

Select Category Games Maxbet

Select the Maxbet casino game category

Once you have successfully logged into Maxbet. Select the Games category and there will be two betting options: Casino and Mini Games. Players choose the casino option to access the main play page.

Select Online Game Maxbet

Choose your preferred online slot game

And when you press into the casino category, then choose to Slot Games, then there will be online slots games. There will be a slot game for more than 50 games and then you can choose the game you want immediately.

Home Online Game Maxbet

When you select the game, you will come to the slot gameplay page. Each menu has details as follows

  1. INFO is a field that displays information, multiplication rates, etc.
  2. Stake Bet, a channel that is used to adjust the amount of play starting at 5 baht per time.
  3. TOTAL BET is a box that shows the total amount that we will bet on each turn.
  4. The BALANCE box shows the total amount of money we have at this time.
  5. TOTAL WIN, a channel that shows the amount to be received in each round of play.
  6. AUTOPLAY button that is for Press Adds to play automatically which can choose the number of rounds to play.
  7. PLAY button that is pressed for slot spin start